It's me Zusje! Yes I know you know my name, how I look like and where I am from, but we are connected only by social media. I would like to be closer to You and give you more access to my life. That’s why I decided to open a new website devoted to showing more of my life to people who really want a deeper look. I hope you like this idea and you will be more than a fan!
First of all, I joined this project to give you a VIP pass to my exclusive content. Here I can avoid the mainstream social media hassle. Let’s grow together! It's the best way to support me if you like what I'm doing.
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    🌸 Backstage photos

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    🌸 Backstage videos from my day to day life

    🌸 Monthly NFT Pack drop! (coming soon)

    🌸 Chance for Common NFT's (coming soon)

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    Everything from previous plans

    💋 Access to Private chat

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    💋 Access to more Exclusive Content

    💋 Chance for Rare NFT’s (coming soon)

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    True Fan

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    Everything from previous plans

    💖 All exclusive content

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    -Personalised voice message

    💖 Chance for Holo NFT's (coming soon)

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    Super Fan

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    Everything from previous plans

    💖 Pieces of new songs before the premiere

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    💖 Signed photo in digital form

    💖 Personalised birthday wishes

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